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Hosted Email – Update #1

Well, after 24 hours of trying out, I’m left frustrated by their jumble of different systems with no attempts to aggregate them into a single ‘portal’, particularly the diversity of different admin systems.   OTOH, the mail service is quite fast, although I have not tested inbound mail much.    They called me this morning to see how things were going (I bitched about their lack of a unified UI), which was a nice touch.    I also asked about BES pricing, and it seems that this might turn out more expensive than I had hoped and with quite a bit of risk in migrating from BIS to BES at the carrier level.  It’s too complicated to explain, suffice it to say that I have a legacy cell plan that is generous with data and any changes might make that go away…    There is also the risk of paying lots of $$$ for BES, which I might not actually use for very long if an Android phone comes out with a keyboard, CDMA and GSM….

Sooo, I’m left re-considering my options.   Suddenly, Google’s offerings seem quite attractive, esp. since they have a Blackberry OTA sync client that’s free.  Hmmm.   I might also have to have a second look at The Message Center as they offer a BES-independent BB sync of some sort.

What a pain.  Really and truly.   I need to make decision soon so I can migrate and stabilize all this before I go on extended travels…